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Hebei Wire Rod Price November Revie and December outlook


The price part



According to thefigure above, it can be seen that the price of wire rod in hebei province rosein shock in November. The price of wire rod in hebei province rose by 120-150 RMB/ton.

Profit Part

Gross margins ontonnage of construction steel rose sharply in November.As of November 29, thegross profit of wires is 587RMB/ton, 223 RMB/ton more than the same period lastmonth (October 29), 580RMB/ton more than the same period last year. The mainreason for the increased in gross margin of per tons of construction steel  is that construction steel prices to be alarge increase.

Raw materialcost

In November, theimport market fell down firstly and then rose, with the monthly average priceof 646RMB/ton, down 50 RMB/ton and the rates is 7.1% compared previous month.Onereason for the price decline is the approaching of the heating season, therelease of market pessimism in advance, the attitude of the miners is weak,long short of the future market, low prices to reduce the stock mainly, theprice continued to decline;Second, the emergency response of heavy pollutionweather was implemented in many steel mills, and production was limited todifferent degrees in sintering and blast furnaces, which affected thepurchasing rhythm and replenishment enthusiasm of steel mills.In the latterhalf of the month, driven by the strong rise in steel prices, steel millsreplenishment enthusiasm increased, and the price of imported mines roserapidly;At the end of the steel price as fallen, but the port individualresources are more tight, mining prices are still strong.

Novembertangshan billet prices first down and then up, the overall price rose.Thismonth, the high of tangshan billet is 3480 RMB/ton, and the low is 3310 RMB/ton.Analysisof reasons: on the one hand, this month, the downstream finished products bythe terminal replenishment demand, a large number of inventory decline, and thesteel enterprises overhaul, the overall supply pressure is not big, finishedproduct prices actively pull up the billet prices have greater support.On theother hand, the billet inventory is at a low level, the steel mills are moreactive in the production of finished products, the billet itself delivery pressureis not big, the downstream steel rolling enterprises can still profit, activeproduction, the billet itself shipment is relatively smooth.

Steel millinventory and transaction status

Wuan wire typesteel mills, for example, wuan in November 467100 tons of steel plate lineclinch a deal amount is 72100 tons,395000 tons in October 18.25%, sinceNovember, the restricted by policy, the area of the steel mills began to carryout the policies of the leak, a slight drop in output, demand and due to warmerwinters performance stable, ease the contradiction between supply and demand,building materials market price rising.In addition, the strong price of conchand raw materials, further driving the market enthusiasm, steel enterprises andbusinesses actively pushed up, foil the market atmosphere, support the marketrise, the overall turnover in November increased compared to last month.

Wuan steel wireinventory total scale

Wuan wire typesteel mills, for example, in late November 128000 tons of steel stock for steelmills stock overall changed this month, the arrival of the heating season andno obvious effects on the production, downstream demand overall stable andweak, by rebar futures rose, downstream goods actively, this month 2 &3Zhou Gang inventory by enterprises, while the late screw increases slow down,even steel mills stock and therefore increase.

November overallhebei wire rod price whole is strong, after entering in December, hebei wirerod mills production has much affected by the pollution of the local weatherconditions, is expected to change frequency is higher, but the overall effect,modest, phase of the screw, line level, short-term market broken bits 5 dailyaverage lines and 10 - day moving average, upward trend, above the pressure in3630 points, the support level in 20 daily average lines below 3535 points.Rawmaterials are more short on the market, it is difficult to form support for thespot.Zhuochuang is expected in December hebei wire prices will be weaker shock,acumulative decline of 120-200 RMB/ton.

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