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The prison fence is called as "the Y security guard" prison steel net wall is composed of V support column, reinforced welding nets, safety anti-theft connector and hot galvanized cage strength and safety razor defensive level is very high, in recent years, is widely used in prison, airports, military bases high safety.

Prison fence mainly is the high strength of the blade and the combination of ordinary wire series, the V shape bracket made of reinforced welding on, nets, anti-theft security fitting and a blade of wire. The blade gill is a new type of defend net, by sharp galvanized steel or stainless steel pointed thin blade, steel wire core wires do a combination of protective equipment.

Prison fenceproduct use :

Prison fence is mainly used in prison, defend the posts, frontier defense, surround the area, military defense protective contour dangerous areas of protection. Prison fence specifications according to need to defend the order processing.

Prison fence product features

1. The Prison fence defend the net have anticorrosive, prevent ageing, fight drying, weather-resistance etc. Characteristics.
2. The spiral cross blade in two wire is between blade in stainless steel wire of galvanized steel plates and powerful clip clasp, namely after launch were cross shape, beautiful and practical.
3. Prison fence defend the beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install
4. Prison fence adaptability, and defend the terrain connection with a pillar of the ground can be adjusted up or down; and
5. Prison fence transverse bending series four ways to strengthen, in the overall cost increase much, and make the net surface strength and beauty increased significantly, at home and abroad is one of the most popular contains.
6. Prison fence defend the net the climbing ability, strengthen the nets of strong increased its damaged degree, long using life, strong and durable.