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Acoustic pipe is the only specialized application in ultrasonic testing of reliable system in the market. Is the use of cold hard tube professional forming, use clamp pressure connection, spiral connection, flange connection means such as, in the concrete casting is reliable anti-seepage effect.

The finished product usually include ultrasonic has standard length of steel tube and forming a method of connecting joint connection. Can reserve a channel make detection head can direct to the bottom of the pile foundation

Double side double sealing clamp pressure acoustic pipe designed two convex chamfer on the female end, convex slot with the sealing ring, installations will this product of the pile into the socket mouth, then using special hydraulic clamp to both a convex slot extrusion and squeezed parts of the stress pipe after contraction deformation, two convex slot of deep into outer pipe between inner pipe material, thus effectively realized this product reliable connection: rubber sealing ring in the material also is extruded deformation stick take in two layer between the pipe played a good sealing function of insurance.

Single head double clamp pressure acoustic pipe 

Single head double sealing clamp pressure acoustic sound at the end of the pipe joint welding in a molding of the pipe sound, another sound the tube into the groove of joints double entry, through the hydraulic pressure meet clamp force under pressure, make the pipe sound and joint firmly together. Pipe joint in the middle section has a double sealing ring, so can make the pipe sound more seal, use this warhead welding clamp pressure type of acoustic detecting tube fittings, only a clamp pressure can.

Clamp Pressure Acoustic Pipe Specifications
type of 50 type of 54 type of 57
50*0.8 54*1.0 57*1.0
50*0.9 54*1.1 57*1.1
50*1.0 54*1.2 57*1.2
50*1.1 54*1.3 57*1.3
50*1.2 54*1.4 57*1.4
50*1.3 54*1.5 57*1.5
50*1.4 54*1.6 57*1.6
50*1.5 54*1.7 57*1.7
50*1.6 54*1.8 57*1.8