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Security fencing is a superior security barrier for perimeters and critical infrastructure assets. Security fence is available in single or double skin for ultimate protection. The panels and posts are jointed together with bolts or rivets, using the steel flat bar, or special steel clamps. All nuts are self-locking. The system can be installed with a vertical or horizontal mesh alignment.  The system can also be mounted onto existing chain link style posts to retrofit current chain link fence installations.

The mesh spacing is designed to prevent climb and it is difficult for normal hand tools to penetrate the fence, giving high levels of perimeter protection. All the security fences are made under quality control through the processing of manufacturing.The forms of corrosion resistance for security fencing include electro galvanizing, hot-dipped galvanizing, PVC coating or spraying.

Security Fence Material:
Normal tensile strength carbon steel
High tensile strength carbon steel
Al-mg alloy wire

Surface treatment of  Security fence: 
1) Use the hot-dipped galvanized (or electro galvanized) wire as material,after welding,begin PVC or plastic spraying. 
2) Use the low carbon steel wire welded the panel,then electro or hot-dipped galvanized treatment, finally PVC treatment. 
3) In Europe,generally choose the galvanized after welding or PVC after welding. 

Application of Security fence : 
Bridge anti-climb guarding&guard safety screening 
Psychiatric hospital security fencing 
Prison security fencing 
Factory machine guards 
Walkway security fencing 
Airport security fencing 
Shipping Port Security fencing 
Electrical sub-station fencing 
Gas pipelines security fence 
High security living area and private field fence.