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Steel Reinforcing Mesh Roll is used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements.

Steel reinforcing mesh is the thin ribbed wire that can be make rolls presentation.


to save more than 33% of steel, reducing costs 10% -30%;
increase the speed of construction can shorten the duration of about 80%;
to improve the quality of engineering structures, and concrete bonding anchoring reliable, smooth reinforcement bond strength equal to three times more, and the overall good, deviation is small, anti - cracking performance above 75%.


Retaining and shear walls
Beams and columns
Concrete paving overlays
Precast concrete elements
Suspended floor slabs
Swimming pool and gunite construction

size(mm) 2.8-5.3
Reinforcement spacing(mm) Longitudinal wire 50-200mm
Cross wire 30-1000mm
Sheet size Length 2-50m
Width 1-1.3m
Mechanical and process property Meet “GB/T1499.3-2002” standard;AS/NZS 4671; 2001,BS 4483:2005,A185-02