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Galvanized blue Shining window insect screen

We are always puzzled by mosquito and insect in the summer.How can we keep them out house and stay away from them ?

Please choose Heyou brand galvanized blue shining window insect screen. Galvanized blue shining window insect screen called to galvanized iron wire mesh and galvanized square wire mesh. Heyou can produce the mesh:24mesh,22mesh,20mesh,18mesh,17*15mesh,15*14mesh.

The surface treatment of galvanized window insect screen is galvanized white color and galvanized bule color.The galvanized white color of galvanized iron wire mesh  is alwadys used for the domestic market.And galvanized blue color of galvanized iron wire mesh is always exported to Southease the market of Asia,Middle East and Southe Africa.

Recently We have exported galvanized blue shining window insect screen to Bangladeshi Market in which is very popular.The specification as below:

Products NameSize
Galvanized Iron Window Screen 17*15MESH2'x50'x3kg
Galvanized Iron Window Screen 17*15MESH2.5'x50'x3.75kg
Galvanized Iron Window Screen 17*15MESH3'x50'x4.5kg
Galvanized Iron Window Screen 17*15MESH3.5'x50'x5.25kg
Galvanized Iron Window Screen 17*15MESH4'x50'x6kg
Galvanized Iron Window Screen 17*15MESH5'x50'x8kg

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